23 September 2010

I deserve to win a cricut image because...

I deserve to win a Cricut Imagine because.. it is the best thing since sliced bread. You wouldn't find any to argue with that!
I have been making cards for almost 7 years and for a good part of that I have owned both an original cricut and an expression machine. They have both added fantastic new dimensions to my many cards and projects that the possibilities with the Imagine will be endless. To allow colour and pattern changes to our much loved cuts will be sensational that I can not wait to own one some time.

For those that do not know about imagine and you dont have time to follow the link read the below quick information quoted from the cricut website....

"Cricut Imagine as a combined system for both printing and cutting for use in the craft industry. You can choose to use the Cricut Imagine as printer only, cutter only or both printer and cutter. With the Cricut Imagine, the user will no longer need to purchase separate machines to perform each function individually. You will be able to print the design in any color you want, than automatically run it again on the same machine to cut.

Here are some of the functions of Cricut’s Imagine machine:

  • Creates Multi-Colored, Layered Designs In One Cut
  • Give YOU Total Control Over Patterns, Layers, Specific Design Elements
  • Allows You To Easily Create Professional-Grade Crafts Right From Home
  • Puts All the Design Control At Your Fingertips – With a New Touch Screen
  • No More Wheel Adjustments Needed
  • Uses White Paper But Hewlett-Packard Inkjet Printing Technology
  • Prints and Cuts Complex Designs
  • Features Artist Suggested Patterns and Colors For Professional Crafts!
The Cricut Imagine, unlike any other available machine at this time, allows you full control over your images. If you want to use a cute filigree but don’t like the color, you can change it, or change the size. The other benefit of the Imagine is that you have full control over the individual image elements.

If you have an image where you love all but one design feature – it just has to go! – normally you would be left trying to manually replace the image by cutting it out and gluing something in its place (so long as the size was just right) or you had to just settle for what you didn’t want, or use another image altogether.

The situation has completely changed with the Cricut Imagine cutting machine! See, all you have to do is edit the image. Don’t worry, it’s all built-in to the machine, all you need to do is use the easy touch screen and select the image you want. Then you can edit either the entire image (flip it, re-size it, change colors) OR you can edit every layer, every element in the picture!

Not to state the obvious pun – but can’t you just imagine the possibilities? What does this mean for you?

  • You can create 3D effects.
  • You can manipulate and customize every image to suit your theme.
  • Get MORE USE out of your existing cartridge library!
  • Have 100% control over your art projects.
  • Increase customer satisfaction if you use your Cricut for business purposes."

  • It will be a long wait to December until the lucky winner of this competition is drawn but for the winner it will be a wait worth having!!

    I thank you Cricut for this wonderful opportunity and creating all your fantastic products for us to love (and become additcted to). Keep up the sensational work in bring us new fantastic products!

    Sam xx

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