18 May 2011

What's On your Workbench? Wednesday

Another week of not much going on!! A card I finished for the Daring Cardmakers Dare, some coloured images that I intend to make bookmarks from (some time) and a pile of stamps I would love to use in the near future!!

I now apologize to my BFF Suze if you can make out the stamp on top of the pile. I know I vouched never to buy one of them but I succumbed to peer-group pressure. Please forgive me ooxo

For those that don't understand why I am posting a pic of my desk you need to check out the Stamping Ground and have a happy WOYWW!!

Happy Crafting
Sam xx (#65)


  1. Neat and tidy desk - bet you get lots done. Think my computer is going to have to go upstairs as then I could be doing things as well as looking at all the inspirration on here!!
    x Tricia (55)

  2. Moving a computer into your crafty space can be detrimental to your crafting health... just saying ... you might not get as much done as you may think ... or maybe I am just too easily distracted :0)

  3. Peer pressure! LOL! You just didn't wanna be missing out any more!! I don't own any either, although I'm perfectly sure that now you have one, you're going to give in more and more....another slippery slope Sam!!!

  4. Those stamped images will make great bookmarks. I can see what that top stamp is and I don't like them!! So no danger of me breaking down and getting any!!!

    Brenda 84

  5. What a lovely neat desk. I had to laugh at peer pressure, I succumbed too but still only have one!!!
    Hugs Lisa #94