02 December 2010

I'm sooo excited - I received a blog Award

I have been soooo lucky this week to receive an award from my Fantastic BFF Suze; it's the "I got the Attitude Blog Award".

Now I have to tell you three things that make me - "ME"! Then I can pass this award onto three worthy bloggers of my choice.

I found this tricky but managed to get a list together.
  1. I've always been a bit of a Tom-boy and due to this my career path lead me to a very male-dominate field
  2. I can be a little anal, excessive compulsive or what ever other words that can describe this sort of behaviour
  3. Addicted to stationery too...I've tried to seek help but to no avail. Maybe this addiction is why I love paper craft soo much. Actually I think this addiction extends to stamps, and maybe ribbons...and also....ooh I could go on but best I stop here!!
Phew! Now I can pass this award onto three very worthy winners who all make terrific cards and given me loads of inspiration....this is my way of saying THANK-YOU!! (Sorry Suze you were top of my list but I thought I couldn't give it back to you!) I meet Fi on the Cricut website and she has given me loads of ideas and inspiration in the forms of cards swapped through our Aussie Swap we have going on. I also meet Cindy (Mama Bird) through the Cricut website. She has inspired me to branch out and try my hand in scrapbooking. Jackie I haven't meet but she has inspired me with her sensation colouring and card designs.

Please click on the links to visit their sites and also check out Suze's blog here and you will surely see some amazing cards to be inspired by. Thank you Suze for passing me this award. ooxo

Happy Crafting
Sam xx


  1. Hey Sam
    Thank you for the award.
    I have been a very slack blogger lately, I forgot to even put the November Card Swap card on. LOL

  2. Hi Sam
    Thanks so much for the award. You're a sweetheart. I have only just arrived back home this afternoon after being away visiting my family back home. so I have just gone through all my emails and found yours. Thank you for your kinds words about my blog. You've made my day. Huge hugs xo Jackie