08 December 2010

What's On your Workbench? Wednesday

This week before I show you my desk I have to tell you something! .... Work is getting in the way of my card making, my blogging and my visiting your work desks!! :-(

You will be able to see in this pic the mountain of Angels that need to be put on Christmas cards, a box of stamps that needs putting away, my new cricut cartridge I am busting to try out and not much else....ooh a Christmas card I finished last night that will end up remaining on my drying rack (hehe my cricut) for the next week before I get my lazy butt into gear to do something with it!

Check out everyone else's desks at the Stamping Ground!

Happy Crafting
Sam xx


  1. Hi BFF,
    Maybe we can break that cricut cartridge out of the box on Saturday! What does the floor look like hmmm?
    Love Suze xxox

  2. LOL...sure the cricut is probably due for a workout.

    Let's not talk about the floor thanks!!

    Love Sam ooxo

  3. Good luck with your Christmas cards, those angels look really cute.
    Chrissie #7

  4. Angels look lovely, have fun putting them on to your cards, lucky you having a cricut!
    Have a Happy WOYWW!

  5. Wow how neat and organised.
    Happy WOYWW
    Sarah - Stressed Stamper#17

  6. Love the Angels and that's a very neat and tidy desk.

    Brenda 83

  7. Ah that darned money making work work stuff - it really DOES get in the way of fun doesn't it?
    I think you're doing quite well actually to be doing much crafting at all. Hopefully you get a few days off so that you can really muss up that neatnik desk!

  8. Yeah, day jobs do get in the way! Gotta have em if we want to get all those crafting Nice and tidy workspace.

    Hugs, Marjo #45

  9. Angels look fab youve been busy with few c reations.Card from what i see looks cute!Have fun creating with the angels .
    hugs jude#6

  10. I think I work to pay for my crafting sometimes. Such a nice and tidy space.

  11. Good luck with the card making :-)
    A x

  12. I totally understand how real life can take over visiting blogs and making art. I hope you get some free time this week. I sure like that Christmas card, though. Happy belated WOYWW from number 4.

  13. Have fun with those angels. I like your drying rack - I've taken over the piano for mine (think it probably goes down better with the neighbours too...)

    Bernie #81

  14. Oh Sam I don't think it's lazy - after work it is really difficult to get going, huh! At least you use your Cricut for something...I don't.

  15. Sam, what a neat desk. I'd love to come and play with the stamps and the Circut cartridge - I've only got two basic ones I got with my machine. Best wishes, Kym xxx