26 April 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I have received the Stylish Blogger Award recently from two Susans - my BFF Susan from Stamp On Me and Susan (not my BFF...LOL although I have mistaken her for my BFF previously) from Cricut and Grasshopper... so thank you very, very much, I really appreciate that you both thought of me!

Ok on to the business side of things...

The rules for receiving this Award are, as follows, to thank the person (in this case persons) from whom you received the Award and then share 7 random things about yourself and then pass it on to 7 newly discovered bloggers...

So 7 completely random things about me:
  1. My favourite colour is pink.
  2. I love anything owls
  3. I love chocolate but hey who doesn't!!
  4. Addicted to stationery...I've tried to seek help but to no avail. Maybe this addiction is why I love paper craft sooo much. Actually I think this addiction extends to stamps, and maybe ribbons...and also....ooh I could go on but best I stop here!!
  5. I've always been a bit of a Tom-boy and due to this my career path lead me to a very male-dominate field
  6. I can be a little anal, excessive compulsive or what ever other words that can describe this sort of behaviour
  7. My favourite artist is P!nk.
I nominate the following 7 bloggers for this award:

1. Cheryl from 'Cards by Cheryl' - You have made me appreciate the art of quilling - your work is beautiful!
2. Pattie from 'The Pampered Paper Patch' - Your cards are stunning! Thanks for the inspiration.
3. Regina from 'Hand to Paper'- It's amazing the ideas you have put to paper with our much loved cricut. I followed your work many years ago on the cricut website and sooo glad I have found you personal blog now to be inspired by.
4. Saundra from 'Luv Scrapping Together' - I didn't think what you make was even possible! Your designs and ideas are Fabulous (or Fantabulous) Thanks for inspiring me to use my machines more often than before.
5. Marlene from 'Scrappin Cookie' - Your work is stunning also and you too have inspired me to use my cricut more than before. Thanks for the inspiration.
6. Lisa from 'Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons' - Your designs are so bright and cheery. I love checking out what projects you have created.
7. Dangina from 'My Carden' - Your colouring is amazing. Congratulations on making the Anyone for Anya? DT.

Please check out all these wonderful Ladies' blogs and the two Susans' blogs as they are all well worth the look and I am sure that you will return time and time again to them for inspiration like I do!

Happy Crafting
Sam xx


  1. Thanks so much, Sam! :o)


  2. Samantha, You are so sweet! Thank you for the sweet comments and for the award!

    Saundra :)